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 Ex-com's Survey

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Rahayu Hafiyah
Rahayu Hafiyah

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PostSubject: Ex-com's Survey   Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:01 am

[Please Read]

cheers EX-Com Survey cheers

what is your favourite project so far?
-Sec 01 Orientation (3 people)
-Batam (2 people)
- Canberra leaderShape (1 people)

- sec 01 orientation is our very 1st project. Though we got scolded by the mentors, the project wass interesting, fun and the ex-com learn alot from this. Thus, it went smoothly.

-batam project is very engaging, interesting, and get to bond with the sec 02s.

-canberra lesdershape is where you pass on your knowledge in organisational skills and leadership skills not only to the sub-com but also the primary school kids. Once the project is successful, it will be very satisfying to see that your "student" achieved it!

what is the difficulties faced in the council?
-council not bonded enough.
-passion and commitment gone.
-no respect given to ex-com.
-attendance of the council.
-they expect the ex-com to be perfect, truth is nobody's perfect.

what fifficulties faced in ex-com?
-ex-com communication not good.
-not bonded too.
-seperated into express & acad
-not really performing their duties
-not being able to meet up as a full ex-com
-to the chairperson:
->high c personality, think that they are always right- never seeking the ex-com
opinion on certain things.
->just speak out your mind.
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Rahayu Hafiyah
Rahayu Hafiyah

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Age : 24

PostSubject: about us   Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:18 am

[Based on majority]

The Front Stage

The Back Stage

The Supporters
-Hui Bing

why is christy in the front stage?
-she is the one who does her job and gets the credit for doing her job.
-she is usually the one who talks during council meetings.
-never allow others to do their job.

why is eos in the front stage?
-she also does her job and gets credit for it.
-she fairly talks during the council meetings
-give ideas

why is rahayu in the back stage?
-for the canberra leadershape, she does all the work but never tell teachers.
-she like don't want to take credit for her work.
-she is busy doing council meeting for sec 03 that the sec 02 think she MIA.
-for the sec 01 orientation, she did the accepted proposal but say that it was vani who did it.
-she secretly does a lot of work.

why is rekha in the back stage?
-she does her secretary job well, but the ex-com doesn't even know it.
-she may appear MIA but actually she knows fully well what is happening in the council.

why is faye in the supporters?
-she never do anything. just do duty and attend meeting.
-really MIA

why is yusof in the supporter?
-only doing his logistics. never really help out the rest.

why is vani in the supporter?
-vani does the duty list and help others too but never plan anything.
-the sec 02 don't know her.
-she don't do much work.
-when something goes wrong, blame the person who was suppose to do it.

why is hui bing in the supporter?
-unable to do her part(discipline) because the chairman doing by herself.
-on/off attitude
-not able to judge cause never even see her doing much work.
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Rahayu Hafiyah
Rahayu Hafiyah

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Age : 24

PostSubject: what needs to be done.   Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:22 am

Dear ex-com. this survey is done by you guys and not the council. why has it been so hard for you guys to actually voice out? i had to actually trick you guys by saying that somebody told me to do this. the answers, i believe, are from the heart. to avoid any conflict, i didn't reveal the names of who wrote what. based on this comments, please do something about yourself. thank you.
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PostSubject: By Veeknesh   Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:46 pm

hi guys. i really hope that some of you do change your attitude. and i hope to see eveyone is working together and not placing the load on only one person. it would be really unfair. I do understand that your advisors and even myself have not been helping much in overcoming your problems but i hope you understand the reason why the advisors and myself have to MIA.
Do keep in touch and I hope to see others from the ex-co posting up something here. Have a good time Smile jocolor
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Yeo HuiBing
Yeo HuiBing

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Location : Woodlands

PostSubject: Re: Ex-com's Survey   Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:56 pm

I apologised for not doing my job as a Pupils management ?? Tried to do it but most of the time it done by the executive committee members who is addresing the student councillors. I'll try to do my part as a Pupils Management Coordinator but of course with the help from all of you. As in, inform me about it and I'll does the scolding. Can I seek for that little help ?? Sorry for having that on/off attitude as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Ex-com's Survey   

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Ex-com's Survey
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